Morning Links February 11th: Duke is seeking to be No.1 yet again

Posted on February 11, 2013 by


With Indiana, Michigan, and Kansas all losing earlier in the week, all Duke had to do was go to Chestnut Hill and get a victory over the Eagles. Sounds easy right? Well that definitely wasn’t the case. Duke squeaked by with a 62-61 victory.

A career high for Oladipo leads to a win for the Hoosiers    -ESPN

The No.7 Wildcats struggle at home     -CBS Sports

Plumlee helps Duke survive a major upset    -Duke report

Is Duke really deserving for the top spot?    -Duke report

James Southerland helps No.9 Syracuse cruise past St. Johns     -NBC Sports

Duke Tweet of the Day-  The Blue Devils follow the blizzard into Boston and escape a potentially huge upset      -twitter/duke basketball

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