Duke Basketball Players Learn Not to Tweet at Prospects (Video)

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Ryan Kelly, Amile Jefferson, Rodney Hood, Duke Basketball

Photo via YouTube/DukeCompliance

Duke has always been an upstanding institution that has managed to avoid breaking recruiting rules. Still, Duke’s compliance department has come up with a fun, entertaining way to help students, athletes and fans learn the NCAA’s rules.

Their latest video touches on the appropriateness of using social media outlets, like Twitter, to contact potential Duke recruits or endorse companies or products. Here is the message of the video in a nutshell:

  • Do not tweet about recruiting or at recruits.
  • Do not endorse commercial products or services.
  • Amile Jefferson, Ryan Kelly and Rodney Hood can’t think of anything better to do outside of basketball besides watch Twilight
  • Ryan Kelly is on Team Jacob.

Hopefully the communication within the Duke basketball team is better than it is portrayed in this video and players aren’t getting left behind — although I wouldn’t doubt the bus has reached the front gate without Alex Murphy once or twice.

Anyway, here is Duke_Compliance’s take on the new DirecTV commercials fearuring a trio of Duke players.

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