Duke Basketball Meet Victor Dukes and This Dunk (VIDEO)

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AP Photo

AP Photo

By now, many in the basketball world have seen the video of Nettleton High (Ark.) sophomore Victor Dukes absolutely posterizing a far less athletic opponent.

After searching the Internet, the 6-foot-3 Dukes isn’t listed on any of the recruiting databases such as Rivals, Scout, or ESPN – which could likely change following the 400,000 (and growing) views this dunk is getting on YouTube.

I’m not saying Coach K should reserve a scholarship for him in 2015, just finding a way to get this dunk on this site somehow. Excuse the segue.


If you haven’t seen this, enjoy.

If you have seen this, enjoy…again. Trust me it doesn’t get old

Terrence Payne is the interim editor for Devils in Durham. Follow him on Twitter@terrence_payne

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